Connecting Global Wealth

Asia-Pacific, the center of a significant increase in wealth over the last decade, continues to be the driving force in global HNWI population and wealth growth. As the region’s emerging economies (such as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand etc.) mature, more Asia-Pacific HNWIs are seeking guidance on not only how to achieve wealth preservation and succession but how their heirs and heiress can take over the family business.

Against to this backdrop, The Wealth APAC, an independent international platform for communication, coordination and cooperation across the world, is committed to gain a deep insight into the Asia-Pacific HNWIs, including the trajectory of their population and wealth, their behaviors and preferences, and their needs and concerns. We set "Connecting Global Wealth" as our goal and dedicate to bring together the world's foremost wealth management industrial leaders, senior executives, experts, academics as well as HNWIs in an impartial space with the aim of how to serve HNWIs better.

We believe that effective communication and interaction are indispensable to a successful project, so we hold diversified events – to give each participant as much context and opportunity for engagement as possible over the long term. We also aim to ensure the impact of our efforts, with each event delivering clear outcomes and action points.

To connect global wealth
To devote ourselves to accelerating the global wealth information flow
To create an influential and interactive platform for HNWIs and leading wealth management institutions in APAC to communicate and corporate

Professional, mutual-trusted & efficient
Dedicate to transfer communication to insights, insights to agenda and agenda to impact

WEALTH Magazine

Today, wealth is still predominantly concentrated in North America and Europe. However, the growth of wealth in emerging market has been impressive, especially including a soar of China since the 21st century.

In recent years, China has witnessed a flourish private wealth management market in China which led by the boom of HNWIs. What's more, new technology has changed the traditional thoughts and business model in this industry, which is encouraging the institutions to be more innovation. Although most private banks and wealth management companies have provided clients with comprehensive services under the guide of customers' needs which is a big step from the beginning, there are still problems to be solved.

Therefore, the organizing committee of Wealth APAC launches International Private Wealth Management Forum & China Awards . This annual event, held in China at first half of the year, brings together leading private banks, family offices, independent wealth management and offshore financial institutions from China and APAC to share insights on the major challenges facing the wealth management market today.

The first generation of Chinese 'Fortune Makers' and their family members are facing one most serious issue of family legacy. Meanwhile, the family businesses in China also proceed to the globalization, reform, and dynamic changes of family affairs. And Chinese HNW entrepreneurs need to survive from this transition within a few years, which has been completed several decades or generations by western wealthy families.

Now, both entrepreneurs and family wealth management performers are noticing this big challenge ahead of them. Against to this backdrop, as the beacon of family wealth management and succession issues for Chinese family businesses, the organizing committee of Wealth APAC launches International Family Wealth Management Forum & China Awards in China at the end of the year. This annual event is a multilateral communication platform for both family wealth management relevant institutions and Chinese HNW entrepreneurs. This event would be a guideline for Chinese HNW entrepreneurs to find most appropriate service providers and solutions on achieving wealth preservation and succession.

WEALTH MINDS is a Private Board Meeting which is by INVITATION ONLY. No one is permitted to participate or view information in the meeting without our prior approval. Now WEALTH MINDS only offers two types of board meeting: WEALTH MANAGEMENT BOARDS and HNW Entrepreneur BOARDS. In every month, we will set up one particular THEME for our board members to discuss and interact each other.

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